Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research ~pg.50

(Donald T. Campbell- txtbk) THREE PRE-EXPERIMENTAL DESIGNS The One-Shot Case Study: X O single group studied only once. total absence of control no scientific value minimum reference point error of misplaced precision?!?! The One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design: O1 X O2 when nothing better can be done O1 (Pretest) and O2 (Posttest) difference: rival to the hypothesis that X… Continue reading Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research ~pg.50

Neuropharm 2/7/2017 Part I

(Brian Koehler) Txtbook: Fundamentals of Clinical Psychopharmacology, edited by Anderson and McAllister-Williams/ Neuropsychopharmacology and drug action by Gartside and Marsden.   most drugs-> alter neurotransmission. (either presynaptically in synaptic cleft, or postsynaptically by agonist, antagonist, or modulatory actions at postsynaptic receptors.) Postsynaptic receptor- 1) excitation (membrane depolarization) 2) inhibition (membrane hyperpolarization) Fast neurotransmission: through ion… Continue reading Neuropharm 2/7/2017 Part I

Psychoanalytic Diagnosis Ch.1,2,3

(McWilliams) Ch. 1-3 Ch. 1 Diagnosis can benefit the following aspects when pursued with sensitivity and with adequate training: treatment plans prognosis enabling therapists to empathize protecting patients preventing patients from fleeing from treatments McWilliams argues that faster gathering of information is better than simply (passively?) allowing the relationship to develop. I wonder whether this… Continue reading Psychoanalytic Diagnosis Ch.1,2,3